The Prodcast from the Produce Aisle

Episode 5 - Shrooming in the Produce Aisle

December 11, 2017

Mushrooms.  They aren't animal, vegetable or mineral.  One of the funkiest products in the produce aisle is the topic in this episode of the Prodcast, where we explore why this item is so polarizing, and try out the trend of "blending" mushrooms into other dishes by seeing if Ginene Mahoney (George's sister, who doesn't care for mushrooms) can detect the mushrooms in a blended mushroom/beef meatball.  Then, we peel back the mystery of the mush with Pete Wilder, from the ToJo Mushroom company, who uncovers how they grow, why they're good for you, and why you should consider shrooming the next time you're in the produce aisle.